Photo: Patrick Costello

Photo: Patrick Costello

Burnside Farm hosts visiting artists, farmers, and healers to live and work at Burnside Farm during the growing season. They often create projects that contribute to the life and health of the farm, host workshops around art, healing, and plants, and participate in an ongoing critical dialogue around the values and practices of growing food; learning to live in new, more connected ways in a post-industrial city; personal and community healing; and the process of making meaningful creative work.


Upcoming Workshops with Visiting Healers/Artists Florian Birkmayer and Cathy Skipper: 

Join us for an extraordinary plant journey from May 20-23 at Burnside Farm. Dr. Florian Birkmayer and herbalist Cathy Skipper will be leading two transformative plant-based workshops. Dr. Florian brings his experience using essential oils to treat people with PTSD and other issues in his psychiatry practice in New Mexico as well as his deep sensitivity and knowledge of aromatic molecules. Cathy brings her experience of French clinical aromatherapy and kinesiology. Both Cathy and Florian have a personal and professional background in “healing the healer.”


Friday, May 20, 2016
Learning to Destill Hydrosols
9-5pm - $100

This one-day introduction to hydrosols will include learning what hydrosols are and how to use them, two practical distillation demonstrations, and intimately encountering plants in the form of hydrosols. Hydrosols are water-based solutions that are produced when essential oils are destilled. With a small, portable copper still, they are easy to make and safer than essential oils. Making one’s own hydrosols and being a part of the process from the harvesting to the final product allows us to come into contact with plants’ healing vibrations with ease and deepens our knowledge and intuitive information about them.

Saturday and Sunday, May 21st and 22nd – 9am to 5pm
Medicine for the Soul
9-5pm - $200

This two-day workshop is a deep exploration into methods for “healing the healer” and how essential oils can assist in this soul healing. Based on the Jungian view of alchemy as a model for soul transformation, the workshop will guide you through seven “alchemical stages” and how they can be applied to healing. Through exercises and other experiential work, you’ll look at how each stage brings up different emotional states—at different parts of the healing cycle—and how essential oils may help you work through them. In shining a spotlight on soul healing—as vitally important as that for mind and body—the experience helps you not only to use oils in an aromatherapy or psychotherapy practice but in your own spiritual journey.

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