Burnside Farm is cultivated as a gathering space and environment of living sculpture. It is home to many perennial, medicinal plants, fruiting trees and bushes, and annual plants (such as kale, tomatoes, broccoli, etc!) for use during neighborhood dinners, workshops, and our work-trade program among participating neighbors. It is also home to our new "navel" earthwork installation by Brazilian artist Bel Falleiros, which serves as a gathering place inside the earth for neighbors to ground, be still, and connect with the land and each other. 

The farm also includes space for the neighbors of Burnside to grow their own food, a shed for art and tools where we host regular art exhibitions, a learning area under the mulberry tree, a green bean teepee for concerts and cuddling, open areas for pollinators and wild plants, and flexible space for experimentation with plants, art, sculpture, food, and performance by resident and visiting artist-farmers.