Burnside Farm is cultivated as a gathering space and environment of living sculpture. It is home to many perennial, medicinal plants, fruiting trees and bushes, and annual plants (such as kale, tomatoes, broccoli, etc!) for use during neighborhood dinners, workshops, and our work-trade program among participating neighbors. It is also home to our new "navel" earthwork installation by Brazilian artist Bel Falleiros, which serves as a gathering place inside the earth for neighbors to ground, be still, and connect with the land and each other. 

The farm also includes space for the neighbors of Burnside to grow their own food, a shed for art and tools where we host regular art exhibitions, a learning area under the mulberry tree, a green bean teepee for concerts and cuddling, open areas for pollinators and wild plants, and flexible space for experimentation with plants, art, sculpture, food, and performance by resident and visiting artist-farmers.





Position: Gardener-in-Residence at Burnside Farm

Timeframe: Residency runs April thru October 2019

We are searching for an inspired gardener-in-residence to manage the garden at Burnside Farm for April-October of 2019. The gardener-in-residence will work closely with artist Kate Daughdrill, the owner and artistic director of Burnside Farm. This position offers the opportunity to live in a soulful community of diverse neighbors who are working to cultivate a more holistic, land-based way of living in a city. The gardener-in-residence will have the opportunity to integrate art, gardening, spiritual practice, community building, and racial healing on a daily basis. They will get to know our thriving immigrant neighborhood of Bengali, Polish, Yemeni, black, and white neighbors as well as the soulful city of Detroit. The main garden at Burnside Farm is a living art piece and a profoundly magical place. We are searching for the right spiritual/artistic gardener to collaborate in bringing it to life again next year!

Exchange includes a work trade of 15 hours a week in exchange for:

- A spacious room in an artistic house that backs right up to the farm

- 1 hour of formal mentoring with artist/farmer/healer Kate Daughdrill every other week

- Informal mentoring while working with Kate on gardening work and creative gatherings

- Unlimited eating/foraging from the vegetable and medicinal gardens of Burnside Farm

- Access to medicinal plants and materials for making plant medicine as well as surplus crops for food preservation for winter

- Space to cultivate your own personal art/gardening project

- Participation in a deeply compelling community of diverse Detroiters whose daily lives are infused with artful living, nourishing meals, deep conversations, urban farming, epic creative projects, and soulful gatherings

Responsibilities of the Gardener-in-Residence:

15 hours a week of garden work and/or organizational work that may include:

- Seed starting, tilling, planting, mulching, weeding, watering, and harvesting

- Making an evolving plan of what work is needed to maintain and improve the garden

- Running volunteer days once a month during the growing season

- Developing an automated watering system for the greenhouse

- Building relationships with neighbors on the block of Burnside and surrounding streets

- Participating in monthly Burnside Farm community meetings

- Attending most Burnside Farm creative events (1-2 per month) with allowances made for

scheduling conflicts when necessary

- Support with set-up and clean-up of creative farm events

- Consistent check-in meetings with Kate, the farm owner and artistic director

Qualities of the Gardener-in-Residence:

Our hope is that applicants will embody many of these qualities and will be open to cultivating others. Please do apply even if you do not identify with or have experience in all of these areas.

- A love of art, gardening, spiritual practice, and community

- Enjoys talking to people and builds community around them naturally

- Enjoys relating to people of different cultures, races, genders, sexual orientations, and socio-economic levels

- Has an interest in the unique experience of urban farming and the city of Detroit

- Has a daily practice of soulful reflection and growth
(This may include practices of yoga, meditation, gardening, ceremony, therapeutic work, philosophical study, soulful conversations)

- Actively cultivates open-heartedness and kindness in how they treat themselves and others

- Has done a significant amount of personal work related to interpersonal relationships, healthy communication, and healing experiences in their past

- Has a deep interest in issues of social justice and equality

- Has strong organizational, technical, and communication skills

- Enjoys independently solving problems and is rigorous in following through with projects and commitments

- Has an interest in community organizing and processes of racial healing

- Has an interest in biodynamic farming and/or permaculture

- Has a familiarity with contemporary art and artistic language or is willing to learn

** Long-time Detroiters, women, queer people, and people of color are especially encouraged to apply. We value cultivating a community of collaborators with many different life experiences and backgrounds who share an affinity for art, spiritual growth, social justice, and land-based living. **

A Special Opportunity:

- The lead gardener is also offered the opportunity to envision and actualize a creative gardening project of their own on a third of a city lot. The project can explore permaculture, herbal gardening, market gardening, artistic installations, small experimental structures, solar and wind energy, gathering places, and more. We are excited to hear your ideas and what you dream of actualizing!

A Note from Kate:

I am excited to connect with whoever this call makes its way to and truly resonates with. This is a special position for someone who wants to grow their artistic, gardening, and spiritual practices while collaborating on a beautiful garden environment in the middle of of Detroit. It is a good fit for someone who feels a special kinship to this way of soulful, land-based living and is searching for a community to ground in.

If you will need a part-time job to make this position work, we are happy to make connections for you to potential part-time jobs in the neighborhood that compliment your interests (ie. an organic café at the Zen Center down the street, a printshop in Eastern Market, communications work, carpentry/welding/fabrication work, etc.)

This exchange position begins April 2019 although we are open to the gardener-in-residence moving in as soon as March to begin acclimating to a new community. The residency ends in October 2019 unless there is a strong resonance with Burnside Farm and a mutual desire to extend the residency into the winter or the following growing season.

The gardener-in-residence will get their own spacious room in a recently renovated house that backs up to Burnside Farm. Common areas will be shared with 1-2 other resident artist/gardener/healers. Access to enjoy, eat from, and rest in the gardens of Burnside Farm is included.

To apply to be the Burnside Farm Gardener-in-Residence for 2019, please send a cover letter, resume, and 5-10 work samples to Tell us about your connection to art, gardening, spiritual practice, and community and what unique energy/skills/passions you can contribute to the life of the farm.

Application deadline is Feb 20, 2019. Selected applicants will be invited for a Skype interview at the beginning of the following week. A decision will be made and applicants will be notified on February 27.

We are excited to hear from you if this call resonates with your current path!

To learn more about Burnside Farm and Kate Daughdrill’s artistic work,
visit the following websites.

Burnside Farm

Kate Daughdrill